PeaCe/Comprzz's Tryout App[DENIED]

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PeaCe/Comprzz's Tryout App[DENIED]

Post  Comprzz on Wed Dec 08, 2010 11:45 pm

Hey guys, it's good 'ol PeaCe from #sG wanting to rejoin 3B.
Now, before I get a trial i need to say I will be in a clan called Zip Gaming which is a 1.7 competitive Promod Australian clan.
But i'm looking for a 1.0 clan that is for fun Smile

In-game Alias: Comprzz

Xfire: frooglecod4

Can you donate: hopefully, yes.

AGE: 13

How long have you played call of duty games/First person shooters?: Over 2 years

Other games(and clans you are in on those games): Clans: Zip Gaming, DEFIANT Gaming, Phetz'd Gaming, Kryptonite Gaming (all Australian clans), #sG

Where are you from?: Australia

How active are you?: Everyday Smile

Previous clans and the rank in those clans(please state why you left): I left #sG to play competitive CoD4 for Australia

Do you have punkbuster/VAC problems?: Nope

Can you/do you know how to use teamspeak?: Yes

Do you have a microphone?:

Can you post on the forums often?:

Artist/video and photo editing skills:

Any computer specialty:

Anything you feel can help your app/other:

xfire frooglecod4

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Re: PeaCe/Comprzz's Tryout App[DENIED]

Post  `3B - BrAinz on Thu Dec 09, 2010 3:10 am

We possess the right to deny you for:
1. Being Immature
2. Not showing us you are qualified to join.
3. Reputation
4. For being a dumb ass

Taking point 2 into note, since you are 13 your not even qualified to get a tryout sorry
And in the past your action has shown me that your highly immature and you need to stop being cocky.

k thax bai


`3B - BrAinz

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