[TUT] How to Get started with Basic Art work

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[TUT] How to Get started with Basic Art work

Post  `3B - BrAinz on Thu Dec 09, 2010 4:47 am

Editing of photos and make your own artistic banners/Signatures you need a Photo-editing Software, There are tons of photo-editing software out there, Two of em are very known which are Photoshop CS4 and Gimp(image Manipulation Program).

About Photoshop cs4:

Adobe CS4 is highly expensive and it is used to edit high ends pictures and its very hard to learn(my point of view).
You can download it off warez sites and there are many other ways you can download it of the internet illegally, that's how most people do it. But i would say ? WHY BOTHER ? You have Gimp which is easy/reliable/Free of cost.

About Gimp

Gimp is Open Source Program, can be easily Downloaded CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD GIMP and there are tons of videos on youtube that can get you started with this amazing Software. And yea once you understand gimp any other image editing software comes easy to you.

Some of the you tube Tutorial that would help you in Gimp:

1) First of you need to know all about layers

2) You need to get familiar with Brushes

Get to know the Gradient tool.

3) Once you get Familiar with Brushes and layers Make a signature using layers and your brushes

4) Then Start with text, That's the easiest part
you can download new Font here: CLICK HERE
All the Fonts you have add it to you Microsoft Font list
which can easily find in c://windows and then Fonts Folder.

5) Make a Signature using your brushes, ofc have different layers and use the font of your likings

6) Then Come into more advance Photo-editing

After you get how Layers and brushes work you will be able to understand all the tutorials and you will doing artistic work in no time.

Thanks for reading

Any questions, Please post em here


`3B - BrAinz

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Re: [TUT] How to Get started with Basic Art work

Post  `3B - KruX on Thu Dec 09, 2010 8:20 am

Yeah, the first ever step to learn is to copy exactly how they do it in the tutorials. Do it again several times until you can do it on your own. After you're quite good with it, try to mess around with the software and you will find it easy. Seriously this is the best method to learn.
`3B - KruX

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