Teamspeak Rules and What it is.

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Teamspeak Rules and What it is.

Post  vanishh on Sun Oct 24, 2010 12:23 am

What is Teamspeak?
Teamspeak is a designed program for Clan voice talking. It is a useful device so you can keep track on what is going on with the clan. This program is a small download of only a couple MB, you can download it from

Rules for Teamspeak
Rules must be followed or consequences will be given out.

----No mic spamming or playing music through your microphone.
----No abusing people on Teamspeak.
----Swearing is not allowed.
----No abusing poke power or private message power.
----Asking for Server Admin over and over will result to consequences.

Need help with Teamspeak?
Any questions or queries please xfire a Admin.

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