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Smksnipers app...

Post  smksnipers on Thu Jan 06, 2011 4:01 pm

In-game Alias: SmKsnipers

Xfire: smksnipers

Can you donate: i can if i want to

AGE: 16

How long have you played call of duty games/First person shooters?: since 2003

Other games(and clans you are in on those games): allways stuck to call of duty series and battlefield, for battlefield i had no clan tags or clans to join, but on cod ive been in {iS}, #sG and back and forth from other clans i cant remember.

Where are you from?: i come from norway

How active are you?: middle active, slightly depends what needs to be done.

Previous clans and the rank in those clans(please state why you left): {iS} clan i was all the way to Administrator. than left during closedown.

in the #sG clan i dont really know why i left and either the rank i had, was admin for a while at the foundation of the clan but lots of problems that came up so really not sure, ask brainz for this ?

Do you have punkbuster/VAC problems?: not at all.

Can you/do you know how to use teamspeak?: i did, ima refresh memories.

Do you have a microphone?: yes.

Can you post on the forums often?: evryday.

Artist/video and photo editing skills: not really. did some artist work for {iS} but didint work that well Smile

Any computer specialty: can fix almost any problem with softwares u can encounter. but my computer specs aint anygood.! yet...

Anything you feel can help your app/other: not really.

xfire smksnipers

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Re: Smksnipers app...

Post  `3B - FrixxY' on Sun Jan 09, 2011 11:44 am

Yoo!! SMK . er du seriøst fra norge ? SmileSmile Jeg og! Smile haha,

Og det er deg som het smk fra #sG sant? husker deg men har aldri spilt med deg Sad

Stay active and you will get your tryout asap Smile

Add my x-fire : realese

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