How to make the tryout Application

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How to make the tryout Application

Post  `3B - Armed on Fri Oct 22, 2010 8:17 pm

Here's a basic rundown of the application process and what to expect when you tryout:

Some things to follow/consider before you apply:
1.If you don't follow the correct application process listed at the bottom when you apply, you will be denied
2.We are looking for mature players who will not cause drama
3.We are a SCRIMMAGE clan that is for fun, but at the same time exclusive.
4.If you join, we expect you to be active on both the forums AND our scrimmages/practices.
5.You will be rated by Believe members who see your tryout, however, this isn't the only factor that goes into your application.
6.If you are accepted to Believe, we will post in your topic and edit the title to say ACCEPTED at the end.
7.If you are denied to Believe, we will post in your topic and edit the title to say DENIED
8.We perform backround checks on EVERY application so if we find out you are a hacker, you will be rejected.
9.If you are in another clan, YOU WILL BE DENIED., unless it is for another game, then that is fine.
10.You MUST be 14 years old.

We possess the right to deny you for:
1. Being Immature
2. Not showing us you are qualified to join.
3. Reputation
4. For being a dumbass


In-game Alias:


Can you donate:


How long have you played call of duty games/First person shooters?:

Other games(and clans you are in on those games):

Where are you from?:

How active are you?:

Previous clans and the rank in those clans(please state why you left):

Do you have punkbuster/VAC problems?:

Can you/do you know how to use teamspeak?:

Do you have a microphone?:

Can you post on the forums often?:

Artist/video and photo editing skills:

Any computer specialty:

Anything you feel can help your app/other:

Be patient and keep your thread active, if it becomes inactive for 3 days we will automatically deny it and you will have to reapply. Good luck!

~Believe team.

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