Code of Conduct:COC(Servers)

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Code of Conduct:COC(Servers)

Post  `3B - BrAinz on Sun Dec 05, 2010 6:25 am

These are couple of options you need to read .

1) When you have 3B tags, that means you are representing Believe that means no Childish behavior and no being rude. Play nice and Represent 3B in the best manner possible.

2) if you dont have skillz and you get pwned in other servers dont go of "You hack, before you accuse someone of hacking" make sure 100% that u have valid proof. Shouting "hack hack" is childish and newbish and we dont accept that.

3) when have 3B. tags always be respectful and follow others rules when playing on other servers.

4) We Don't tolerate hackers - So if try to hack on servers you will be ban from 3B, and its allies and ban from the site.

5) Dont argue on small matters such as " hey NO KNIFE !! " or " DOnt use that , dont use this" - Please be mature - your attitude is ur latitude - always follow the rules.

6) when ever there is a issues you need to discuss - have it posted on the forums or talk on xfire.

7) Never Talk Clan issues On the server, We wont Tolerate This !

8 ) if some one is good and you want him to Join 3B. DONT SAY " please join 3B, please please please" that just sounds desperate, ask it in a very different and mature way
"3B is recruiting atm - We are accepting tryouts" ? see this is a correct way.

9) All normal members/admins/mods are required to Rate people who are being Tryouted and participate in the Tryout itself. and Rate according to the player Skillz.

10) Please Follow rules Stated above.


All The Best,
Believe Team

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