How does Recruitment work.

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How does Recruitment work.

Post  `3B - BrAinz on Sun Dec 05, 2010 6:53 am

How does Recruitment work.

It is important for you read the Rules of this clan before you apply for it,

iF your are interested in joining 3B, you can Sumbit a tryout application,

Q. How to Sumbit a tryout Application?
A. By Clicking here, this will guide you. Just make a new topic the recruitment section following the format of "how to make a tryout".

After you have made the application, wait for a background check.

Q.What is a background check
A. A background check is simply Guid Check on pbbans, just to see if your clean or not.

Then after that if you have passed the background check you will be asked to your status of the application will be Changed to
[In Progress], if you don't however pass the background check - your name will be put in Hall of Shame and you will shamed for your hacks.

If everything comes clean, and you pass the background check, you will be given Rct tags, Be.Rct|(name) and a Tryout will be provided to you, You will be rated according to your skills and your fate will be decided by a delagate or a Cheif.

if your ratings are sucessful and you get accepted you will be need to do a few things to before you put tags up

`1) Sign up for the xfire Community :
`2) Read the Rules we enforce in our Conglomerate:
`3) Introduce yourself to us:
`4) (optional) if you have black ops and a steam account you can sign up for the 3B steam Community
`5) Enjoy the member benefits you get and be part of the 3B -

Thank your for reading.


~3B Team

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